Breaking the social norm

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Breaking the social norm

Custom Breaking Social Norms essay paper writing service Buy Breaking Social Norms essay paper online Norms are rules which created by people who dominate in the society with the intention of keeping stable order and a balanced system of actions with certain incentives and consequences.

However, after conducting this experiment of breaking a social norm, I can confidently agree with sociologists and critics who conclude that the system is not well-balanced after all. In fact, it is heavily infected with biases and the greed for dominance which can only result if the minorities or subculture groups are made to feel inferior and stigmatized.

From the way we walk, talk, eat and dress, every aspect of our daily lives is controlled by these norms and those who fail to understand them are considered to be the minorities which must be looked down upon or rejected.

For my experiment, I broke a social norm dealing with the physical appearance, specifically dressing. I put the accessories on during the dessert course, which lasted about half an hour, and continued wearing them for about twenty minutes more at the house, where drinks and more desserts were served.

While at the restaurant, everyone complimented me on my appearance and people were having a great time that is until dessert. As the waiter served us, I noisily opened my bag in order to attract attention and put the hat and gloves on.

No one really noticed until they happened to look at me. Once they did, their stares lingered.

Breaking the social norm

Some of the men did not even notice and when they looked at me, they stopped for a moment and shrugged off any thoughts and moved on to enjoying their evening. Only a few males made comments which immediately depicted their nature and made the saying true: I noticed that when men are faced with uncomfortable social situations, their way of coping with them is making jokes or inappropriate comments which their peers find extremely funny.

Some of them never passed the initial stage and went about their personal activities. However, others progressed to the second stage which was pairing the stares with uncomfortable and awkward smiles.

During the third stage, those who simply could not help themselves, approached me, looking for the perfect moment to bring up my appearance. Not surprisingly, the hostess was the first to do so.

The fourth stage comprised of the ladies providing suggestions as to why I might be dressed in such a manner, almost as if comforting their own false notions. Their concerns ranged from my well-being to what other people will think of my strange behavior including whether I was suffering from some sort of an allergic reaction, hiding physical flaws or simply suffering from a terrible sense of fashion.

Of course, the hostess was keen about the impression I was leaving on the accompanying guests and the negative way in which I had ruined a perfectly great party. These concerns and my reaction led to the fifth stage of the social reaction which was when the women could not help expressing their opinions about me, making me act according to their wishes.

At this point I realized that these grown women were uncomfortable and most of all, unsatisfied with my dressing. They were simply not pleased.Social norms are the implicit or explicit rules a group has for the acceptable behaviors, values, and beliefs of its members.

Implicit social norms are introduced to us at a very early age, and exert a powerful influence on our behavior into adulthood. Im currently taking a Social Psychology class and I was told my new assignment was to break a social norm. Examples are doing things such as getting in a crowded elevator and turning to face everyone, or going to get fast food and eating on the floor with my food on a chair, or instead of holding the door for someone, shutting it.

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Breaking Social Norms When a social norm is broken people may respond with alarm, humour, fear, irritation, or an array of other emotions. When you think of a norm, you are probably thinking about simply being normal.

But in psychology terms, norm means a standard or representative value for a group. THE LIMITS OF SOCIAL NORMS function of law Second, subtle and inexpensive changes in a social setting can signal different social norms.

For example, fixing broken windows, cleaning up trash, erasing graffiti, and planting flowers in a. Breaking a Social Norm from the appaled looks I got.

But through this project I learned something, NEVER BREAK A SOCIAL NORM! Even if it is sort of fun, everyone will notice even though it. Oct 09,  · This Site Might Help You.

RE: Breaking a Social Norm? From my sociology project I have to perform a deviant act and analyze it's effects. In deviant I mean against the social norm not anything sexual or the Resolved.

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