Computer application class

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Computer application class

Wednesday Rope Rescue 30 hrs Jim Bolton and John Saxton This course will train firefighters and emergency responders in the use of rope, rescue equipment, and mechanical advantage systems for high-angle rescue environments.

This course is applicable for rescuers seeking to initially acquire these skills, or to refresh and expand upon existing skills. This class is certified and counts towards your Rope Rescue certification. A no-host bar will be available. The primary goal of the course is to get the operator to understand the dangers of operating an aerial device and the importance of maintaining their training and competence on these apparatuses.

We will not, however, cover the chapter 4 specific knowledge and skills for the individual departments' specific apparatus. Case studies used to illustrate points. Studies of roof and wall construction enable the student to predict failure points and adapt fire fighting strategies accordingly.

Buildings under construction and those subjected Computer application class external forces will also be studied. Field trips take students into the community to study various construction techniques.

Dealing with Difficult Deaths: What to say to family members on a scene 4 hrs J. Peterson This class is intended to help responders feel more comfortable with talking with family members while on scene before the chaplain arrives. It will cover the basics of what to ask or say to family members and allow the student to better empathize with the family and allow everyone on scene to feel more comfortable.

Our purpose is "to cultivate the public's awareness, respect, appreciation, and support Computer application class the volunteer emergency services. This class is intended to help you identify ways in which you can attract new volunteers as well as motivate and keep current ones active.

It is geared toward both beginners and more experienced rescue workers, as it includes reviews of new vehicle technology; including anatomy, airbags, pre-tensioners, and hybrid vehicles. Hands-on training will include scenarios with vehicles on their tires, side, and on their top.

Patient care and removal will also be addressed during this class. This class is certified and counts towards your FFII certification, 8 hours.

Vendor and Sponsor Reception Attendees are invited to bid on silent auction items, learn more about products and services vendors offer, and thank sponsors while noshing on light hors d'oeuvres and enjoying an interactive evening with colleagues and friends.

Our plan is to challenge the student in specific Fire Ground Operations, while providing skill sets faced in any operation and tricks of the trade learned from around the fire service. Each student will review fundamentals of deployment and operational use of small and large diameter hand lines for interior structural firefighting.

In addition each student will learn fundamentals and operational knowledge of Forcible Entry and Vertical Ventilation. This class is certified and counts towards your FFII certification, 3 hours.

It describes the history, features and principles, and organizational structure of the system. This class is designed to give the student a detailed perspective on the differences between high speed and low speed penetrating trauma. It outlines the physics and information behind bullet penetrating trauma with respect to rifle vs.

Computer application class

This class the two basic national response models to active threat with respect to fire and police. It will go over the most effective methods of response and resource utilization within the parameters of a mass casualty incident.

Specific cases will be brought up to outline the successes and failures of various national incidents. Finally, this course will go over basic aspects of setting up a casualty collection point within a warm zone area of an active threat response.

Both classes will be about two hours long. The second can go longer if there is a large enough group to do some basic drills. This class counts towards your Trauma hours for EMT re-certification.

After completing this lesson, the student shall be able to assist in the investigation of a suspicious fire and protect and preserve evidence after a fire. The student should use the policies and procedures set forth by the authority having jurisdiction. The Basic Fire Investigation course provides a basic framework for fire personnel who have little experience in conducting fire investigations.

Computer application class

The course is designed to provide basic understanding of the need for scene preservation, legal authority, the determination of fire patterns, fire origin and cause, and the various steps in the investigation process.

List the information that should be included in a basic incident report. Be able to explain the purpose of an accurate report and the consequences of inaccurate reports. Cover the necessary information for coding state fire reports.Computer Applications Courses, Classes and Training Information Computer applications courses are offered at all levels and can be part of many types of academic programs.

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Learning by Doing. Affordable housing design. Biofuel production. App development. These are all hands-on, real-world challenges students face in their PLTW Engineering courses.

Computer Applications Lessons