Dali essay lines

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Dali essay lines

The Persistence of Memory contains a light blue horizon, which slowly fades downward from blue to yellow across the top quarter of the painting. Under the skyline sits a body of water, or what looks to be a large lake or a reflecting pool.

The body of water traces the skyline until it interacts with neighboring mountains to the right. In front of the mountains there is Dali essay lines pebble. Placed in front of this platform, there is another single pebble.

A lifeless tree with a hollow top, is in front of it, missing all of its leaves and branches but one. The single branch holds a silver pocket watch which appears to be melting on the end of the branch showing the numbers three through nine.

Only one hand of the watch is shown, pointing at the 6. The tree is located on top of a light brown square object that looks desk-like. The brown object takes over the bottom left corner of the painting, and even goes off the canvas. On this object there are two more pocket watches residing.

One of them is gold and melted, hanging half way off the light brown cube.

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The fly is also casting a very small shadow, which is shaped more like a human. The other pocket watch is bronze and shut. The exterior of the pocket watch is covered with a swarm of black ants. Unlike the other clocks, this is shut, and the only one that is not warped or melted of the four.

The ground in The Persistence of Memory is a dark brown that almost turns black in certain areas. On it lies a white figure on its right side with another silver-colored melting clock on its back. The white figure is human-like, with over emphasized large eyelashes.

It has a what looks to be a trade mark Salvador Dali moustache and lips where eyebrows would be on a human face.

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Its nose is flared and has another small brown object coming out of the right nostril. The white figure has no limbs or other human-like characteristics. The rest of the scenery around the white figure is dark and barren.

The Persistence of Memory uses the basic elements of art including a plethora of lines, values, shapes, form, colors, and texture Glatstein. The lines that Dali uses in the painting vary on the shape which he is working with. Most of the painting contains lines that are relatively thin and similar in width, with the exception of the mountains, and the eyelashes of the white figure.

The lines on the mountains are noticeable, and give them a rough realistic approach. On the white figure Dali uses different lengths and widths to create individuality in each lash. He also makes everything detailed down to the very last ant on the bronze watch.

The lines that make up the watches are so detailed that they even show each number on the faces. The use of lines also improve the realistic look of the reflection of the mountains in the water. The lines on the platform and brown object are straight and symmetric. He does not leave many visible sketch marks in this painting, so it is not clear or easy to distinguish his lines from shading.

The lines that he does show usually complement the dark shadows of his surrealist landscape. The values and shading in this painting are very drawn out and detailed.

Thick values highlight details and color, giving a three dimensional illusion to this piece. On the tree, the values are implied to create the illusion of bark, while the limp clock it is holding on its branch uses value to create a tarnished and three dimensional effect.

The brown object also uses shading to get this effect. The watches on the brown cube have detailed shading on and around them, and use color to shade and give a shiny effect.

The melting one uses a great deal of color on the face, while the watch with the ants draws attention to the insects covering it.An implied line is a line that “…dims, fades, stops, and/or disappears” (Art Fundamentals, 76). Implied lines can be seen in Dali’s hair on eyelashes as well as on his whole self portrait.

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Dali essay lines

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If Dali was alive today he would be more then a multi-millonare. The paints go from dark to light to show form. Salvador Dali Essay Words | 6 Pages.

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