Graphic design case study

Logo Brainstorming ideas on the task to design a logo for a landscaping business, most people will imagine something connected with plants, flowers or their elements.

Graphic design case study

Giant House of Cards designed by Charles and Ray in appear in the foreground.

Graphic Design Case Study | Blue River Digital

Built with pre-fabricated, off-the-shelf materials mostly glass and steelthe integrity and design of the two-story, rectangular structure is striking, even 65 years after it was built. Protected yet open, the house and accompanying studio elicit immediate fantasies of working and living in this remarkable space.

A letter-sized page folded in half, the flyer contains background information on the house, including a sketch of the original plan created by Eero Saarinen and Charles in known as the Bridge Housean overview of the Case Study Program, and a few paragraphs about Charles and Ray.

Graphic design case study

The brochure design is unfussy and straightforward—a nice, if unremarkable mix of type and image—yet I found myself carting this paper around for weeks after my visit, making sure it was safely packed for my return trip to New York, and then moving it carefully from bag, to desk, and back again.

But this felt different.

Graphic design case study

Whether or not you imbue the leaflet with added value as I certainly didis entirely up to you. A little talisman, a keepsake.Case Studies We succeed when our clients succeed.

Telling The Hotel De Anza Story: “A Legend Is Reborn” Campaign

We have extremely high standards here at The NetMen Corp and it shows every time one of our clients finds success utilizing the graphic design brand we created for them.

Graphic designer assigned to the project was Arthur Avakyan, whom you may already know from the previous cases including Binned, AppShack, Passfold, Saily, SwiftyBeaver, and others. The client wanted to make a game with an original visual presentation.

The result is a design that is clean, understated, elegant and sophisticated, while the subtle details made it stand out from its peers.

The folder and brochure working together allowed Vantage to present timely information with a consistent brand messaging.

Magazine Cover Designing For A Golf Magazine Targeting Children

[ Case Study ] Factorie: Making a youth brand young again The situation In a world where businesses struggle to reach teenagers, Factorie was famous for its youth culture. Unafraid and unapologetic, it resonated with its customers in a way few brands do.

Graphic Designers: Logo Design Case Study + Download FREE Logo Design Presentation & Twitter Profile templates for graphic designers. The case studies on this portfolio site reveal just enough information about each project Grant Burke is a Toronto-based freelance graphic designer and illustrator specialising in logo design, brand identity and .

Logo Design Case Study + Free Templates for Designers