Group project essay tprs

Over questions for your students to ask and respond to. Cards to be printed measure 2.

Group project essay tprs

When we three were conducting our project, the questions of how to organize our sessions, how to relate our topic to the previous groups and lead out the next groups, and how to make our presentation as successful as the prior groups are always our top concerns.

What I have gained from my participation? When I first got the terms and scholars list of our group, I felt very unfamiliar with them since I have little background knowledge about this field of research.

Then I kept asking myself how to teach others what I am not familiar with. The only answer is reading papers and discussing with my group members. Reading can help me have an overall understanding of the terms, and discussion can exchange our thoughts thus to expand our knowledge.

Evaluating Group Projects

After reading and discussing, my previous understanding of those terms has been overturned. But in fact, when we look through it in social context, we have to investigate its history—how does it come from? What are the different perspectives of the scholars?

Reflection Paper Siyuan Wu How did it developed during history? What are the related fields we need to talk about? Are the components of communicative competence comprehensive? During the project I found the value of group workcollaborative work could multiple the effectiveness of the project.

Group project essay tprs

How to find appropriate papers which could help the classmates to have an overview of the main concepts we are going to talk about is not an easy task. For example, before the first session, we went through many papers about communicative competence; however, some of them are too focused on language teaching, some of them just discuss it from a narrow perspective.

We exchanged our thoughts on each paper; we also asked Dr. Activity design is anther challenge for us.

Group project essay tprs

Since activity is a great aid in teaching, we attached high importance on it. We tried to come up with appropriate activities which are not only interesting but also incorporate the abstract conceptions.

However, when we discussed about activities, we found it is really hard to design activities which connect to the class content. We really appreciate Dr. As the project is a group project instead of an individual project, it emphasized more on group work rather than individual work.

We need to make compromises when we confronted with differences—different cultures, different schedules and different perspectives on a particular question. We sent emails and met each others during the preparing time.WELCOME TO CI LIFTOFF Nobody Expects the Spanish Acquisition or catch her in the CI Liftoff group on Facebook, an active community of over 5, ().

Among his publications is an essay in the seminal guide to the TPRS method, Fluency through TPR Storytelling and an essay in A Natural Approach to the Year. He has also published. This midterm exam contains 45 multiple choice questions and a choice for an essay.

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Topics include ser/estar, health, reflexive verbs, city/directions, present progressive. NRMS Tiger Spanish. Search this site. 7th Grade-Holiday group project due Friday 7th Grade-Country Project due Mon.

8th Grade-TPRS Storytelling Sheet March 21 7th Grade-Country Project Presentations 8th Grade-Study for test tomorrow and practice plays (presenting on Thurs.).

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Nov 15, Activities, ideas and hacks for teaching and learning Spanish! | See more ideas about Spanish class, Spanish language and Learn spanish. Group Project Writing Assistance. Group projects are sometimes hard to complete.

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