In the memory of my best

Memory Stickand xD-Picture Card. For example, the microSD card has an area of just over 1. In single-level cell SLC devices, each cell stores only one bit of information. The floating gate may be conductive typically polysilicon in most kinds of flash memory or non-conductive as in SONOS flash memory.

In the memory of my best

October 21, Donald C Hawley was born in St. Louis, Missouri on February 16, Russell was a dairyman and Don had wonderful memories of farm life and his beloved horse Billy.

The family moved to Greenville, Illinois where Don was an excellent athlete and held the Illinois State High School record for the mile.

One of his best memories was travelling to nearby St. Louis to see the St. This became a region that Don would call home for the remainder of his life. He loved the mountains and lakes of the Northwest. He became an athletic member of the Multnomah Club where he wrestled and took part in other activities, and also attended Lewis and Clark College.

It was his job as a soda jerk at the famed Jolly Joan fountain in downtown Portland, however, that would shape his life from then on.

There he met a pretty young blond named Darlene Parker in the spring of Darlene was not going to let him go that easily. She and her mother Vetha moved to Seattle to be as near him as possible. Don got a job at Boeing and enrolled at the University of Washington for winter quarter.

In the memory of my best

Then came December 7, After the attack on Pearl Harbor he was placed on active duty and immediately sent to the Washington coast to watch for any enemy activity and to support military installations. During the next month he and Darlene had no communication whatsoever.

Upon his return to Seattle and faced with the incredible uncertainty of the time the young couple decided they wanted to spend whatever future they had together.

They drove to Olympia and were married on January 10,just over a month after Pearl Harbor. The couple spent the next year plus travelling to different military schools after Don was accepted as an Officer Candidate and pilot trainee.

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On June 26, their daughter Donna was born, and although Don had not yet been sent overseas he was not able see her prior to his departure for New Guinea on August 28th. He then spent the next 18 months flying a total of combat missions.

By far his most harrowing experience came when flying paratroopers in Australia. The right engine began to vibrate and eventually tore away from the wing altogether.

Don along with his co-pilot managed to steady the plane enough to crash land in a field and save countless lives. After his return stateside in Don remained in the Air force and again travelled the country going to military schools. He had an opportunity to return to the Seattle area in where he worked in air traffic control and he and the family lived in Renton Highlands.

But on a routine check flight Don flew over a small lake south of there and thought it looked like a nice area to live.

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They contacted a realtor in the area, Skip Ketchum who remained a dear and life-long friend, and purchased an acre with a small house on Lake Meridian where they would remain until Don loved returning from trips to his beloved home on the lake.

His nightly tradition in almost any weather was to go down to the dock in the evening with drink in hand just to think and take in the beauty that surrounded him. There were many milestones over the next decades; graduations and marriages, Jim to Kathy and Donna to Gary.

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There were get togethers with countless friends on the Fourth of July and other holidays. Don cherished his relationships both personal and professional. A bittersweet moment came on February 16, when he was forced to retire from flying at age He did, however, fill his life with many activities including skiing, horse racing, and many trips to Mexico.Creative Memories is back!

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In the memory of my best

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