Strategic human resource development plan

Reducing staff either by termination or attrition Regrouping tasks to create well designed jobs Reorganizing work units to be more efficient If your assessment indicates that there is an oversupply of skills, there are a variety of options open to assist in the adjustment.

Strategic human resource development plan

Generic prescription drug utilization maximized, saving money for U-M and employees. Ninety-eight percent compliance rate as of January 31, Temporary employees who are hired to work 30 or more hours per week are now able to elect health coverage as of the start of employment.

UHR Strategic Plan | Human Resources University of Michigan

Read more in The University Record. Annual communications for open enrollment, including plan changes and campaigns to increase participation in selected plans. Open Enrollment Surveys Leverage the U-M Health care delivery system to help contain costs and optimize care for the chronically ill.

Value-based payment approach for primary care delivered by UMHS for Premier Care members which supports efficient, high-quality care. Work team and project plan created and payment parameters for primary care providers confirmed.

Development of primary care capitation rates by July 1, Standards for quality and efficiency will be implemented in Efficiency and Effectiveness Achieve financial efficiency and increase operational effectiveness to advance and support university goals. U-M Health System will develop a model for HR service delivery that aligns with the mission of the Health System, eliminates redundancies and results in high-quality, cost effective service.

Basic Retirement Plan changes implemented in January Changes included adjusted contribution from ten to nine percent for Hospitals and Health Center employees. Significant economic value and operational gains achieved in during expedited labor negotiations with five bargaining units.

Current labor union contract agreements. Partner with ITS to support the split of the combined student and human resources databases and upgrade processes. Upgrade completed in July with major enhancements to HR workflow transactions.

PeopleTools and Oracle upgrade and additional enhancements to HR workflow are in progress. Provide management strategies and implementation support promoting workforce flexibility to optimize productivity.

Strategic Human Resource Development Improves Performance and Productivity

New UHR website launched incorporating a responsive design that allows optimal navigation on computers, tablets and smartphones. Site content consolidated from to pages to meet goals of readability and ease of navigation.

In the first six months following the launch, one out of every six visitors were from smartphone or tablet users. Implement redesigned business processes, additional self-service, improved workflow and common data definitions to replace paper forms and manual processes so that work can be shifted from tactical to strategic and compliance priorities.

Strategic human resource development plan

Increased automation and centralization of I-9 achieved. The university processes more than 4 million finance and HR transactions each year to support its 45, faculty and staff. The SSC consolidates many of those transactions with experts from academic and administrative units.

HR Communications provided a communications strategy to support the opening of the Shared Services Center. Articlesresource documents, moving guide and welcome packet smoothed transition.The MOHSW Human Resources Development and Strategic Plan has been produced as an output of the Lesotho Human Resources Consultancy financed by the World Bank and undertaken as part of the Health Sector Reform initiative.

HUMAN RESOURCES AND THEIR DEVELOPMENT – Vol. strategic planning, work plans Contents 1. Introduction 2. Planning is an imperative 3. Planning as learning is the key skill for business success 4.

Two planning strategies for HRD I – Human Resource Development Plans - Francesco Sofo. The MOHSW Human Resources Development and Strategic Plan has been produced as an output of the Lesotho Human Resources Consultancy financed by the World Bank and undertaken as part of the Health Sector Reform initiative.

Strategic Human Resource Development's Playing Field Vinod Anand's artice "Economic growth and Human Resource Development" in India, reminds us that human resource development has a national - and an international - dimension.

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Human resource planning is a process that is part of the strategic plan. It involves addressing specific needs within the organization, based on the company’s strategic direction.

The first step in HR planning is determining current . VISION, MISSION, VALUES. Vision Statement: Through a combination of best practices and well established strategic partnerships, the Department of Human Resource Services will recruit, develop, and support the diverse and inclusive workforce of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Strategic Human Resource Development Improves Performance and Productivity