The oil industry in oklahoma essay

The higher gasoline prices during the past years had put severe financial stress on the monthly budget of an average American household. Unfortunately, due to a car accident I ended up with multiple injuries and went into a deep coma. On June 16,suddenly, I woke up from my coma and found myself in a hospital bed. After a week of being under observation, the hospital discharged me.

The oil industry in oklahoma essay

Oil is needed to grow food, build infrastructure, advance technology, manufacture goods and transport them to market. It lubricates the mechanisms of both national and international politics.


Those who can consistently get their hands on the most oil, at the best prices … will rule! Oil plays a major role in practically every aspect of our lives from technology and transportation to the very food and business necessary for our survival.

However, even amongst the most optimistic and pessimistic prognosticators, there is virtually no debate that there is currently less oil available to us than there was just 50 years ago. Back in the yeardemand for oil was approximately 75 million barrels per day! Planes, trains and automobiles, they all rely on oil.

The oil industry in oklahoma essay

On the other side of the coin, higher oil prices have also served to bring greater political stability and prosperity to several regions around the planet. For some countries, higher oil prices mean finally having the money needed to invest in desperately outdated infrastructure, technology and means to successfully building a sustainable defense and military that protects the borders and sovereignty of the nation, eliminating many incursions, invasions and all out turf wars before they can ever get started.

People who feel safe tend to prefer the sweet fruit of peace! One thing that nearly all governments seem to agree upon is the importance of maintaining stability in both the market and ability of oil to reach those energy thirsty nations that it serves.

No one can possibly know for sure what the future holds, but one thing is absolutely for certain.


For the next 50 to years, oil will continue to play a major role in determining the geopolitical make-up of this planet. Visit our homepage for the latest oil prices and energy news.There are thousands of oil and oil services companies throughout the world, but the barriers to enter this industry are enough to scare away all but the serious companies.

Oil industry is divided in: upstream (exploration, development, extraction of oil and natural gas), downstream (transport by oil tanks or pipelines, refineries, retailers and consumers).

PESTEL analysis represents of the most important method used to analysis external environment within an organization or an industry sector (Moldoveanu, ).

14th Annual Oil & Gas Accounting Conference

Analysis of the Qatar and Saudi Arabian Oil and Gas Industries (Essay Sample) Conversely, Saudi Arabian oil and gas industry's strengths include the most significant strength of having the second largest oil reserves globally and also a high degree of exploration activities.

The oil industry does not have an exact date when one man found oil first. However, oil in the Middle East has routes going back thousands of years. American oil usage has routes back to the original colonies, but did not become a major industry in the economy until Edwin Drake constructed the first oil .

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The oil industry in oklahoma essay

Oil is selling for just one third of what it cost in , leaving the state of Oklahoma – which has a substantial number of jobs in the fossil fuel industry – with less money and jobs than it .

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